Well finished the first Goliath test model (base excluded). And he worked out ok.

The bit I think I like the best is the orange pants, they really work to tie in the yellow with the duller tones, and it was a spare of the moment colour choice as well!

The machine stuff on his back came out ok and was eaier to paint that I first thought it would be.

The light on his arm however was a mess up. Tried a few new ideas in a rush and did not let the paint dry on it. So next model I’ll have to relook at this.

But overall I recon the tester model passed, and actually I’m very tempted to the rest of the gang the same. Originally I was only going to keep the yellow and the skin the same, but now I think it will be closer to a copy and paste job for the rest.

Next up sort the base, got some ideas for this and some new paints!

6 thoughts on “1st one down

  1. Great work. I know it is a little detail but the orange pants tie the figure back to a worker’s style uniform, the sort of thing you’d see in a steel mill/ foundry today. A great little touch.



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