Tonight got my biggest nid finished off base and all. Its my submission for Azazel monthly challenge of Awesomeness

I’ve not done anything special on the paint job for this just used the same as its littler versions really.

Been a nice model to paint really and I think it sits well with its mates.

The only different thing I’ve tried which has taken me a bit of time is the base. The idea is that these nids are moving over a area were guardmen have fled from in terror. Hence on the litle nids bits of guard stuff left on bases.

So for the big guy I wanted him stood on top of a trench line that guard have abandon in their terror.

Hence the barbed wire on yhe top and the vertical front with steps in.

Well thats him really, I’ve got a few more termaguants part painted on the desk that I’ll finish, then its spray up more nids.

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