The other day I had a game of 40K, which to many may seem like no big thing, but its actually been ages since I played, life just gets in the way. And even better it was against the person I’ve played more games against than anyone else, my big brother. And we had an ace game, the current rules of 40K seem really easy to use (considering neither of us had played that was a big pluss) and everything just seem to flow.

This is a pic part way through whete you can see the Marines I was using and my brother was using his Chaos force which you can see manning some deffences below.

What I think I liked most about the game was that we both enjoy the hobby in very similar ways. Both of our forced are very theme based over whats currently the best options, and we like to play by the rules but not get obsessed by them. So I came away with a real urge to get back on with my space marines, and here is my result.

Other than the base which I’ll do with the rest of his squad he is done, I did a WIP pic of hime the other day and the main things I’ve done is sort the gold out along with the eyes and added lots of free hand scroll work on the white areas.

His right shoulder has my Army symbol a TR for Templars of Righteousness, its also got what is supposed to be a Roman 3 on it for the battle company he is in but I’m not that happy with that bit looks more like a 2 😦

The left shoulder has his squad symbol which I came up with a hammer and anvil.

The black armour I did GW contrast black over a normal white spray, this I found to be a little to light for me, bit more grey than black. So I put a nuln oil black wash over the armour along with the light vrey plastic sections and his gun, I think this help link all the bits together and got the armour just a little closer to black without lossing to much shadow.

Here he is next to a fellow battle brother from the most recent squad I painted for this force.

I’ll be working through his mates soon (just need spray them up) but first I’m going to try to finish a 5 man squad of Primarus Marines I started a while back but never finished.

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