So tonight I finished (well I think its finished) the first model from the boxed game Cursed City, in the form of a humble skeleton. Now I should point out I can not take all the credit for this model as some was also painted by as we got this game together.

So the point of this test model was not only to see if we like the colour scheme but also if we could paint them quick! So bone, and / wood leather both just contrast paint, cloth also contrast with a little highlight. While metal got a bit more treatment, base, dry brush, wash then some corrosion affects. Its was quick to paint and I think it looks ok, of course more time would make it better, but for a mino baddy in a board game I think I’m happy.

Base we are thinking coble stones (made from crock) and some snow.

14 thoughts on “Skellybob

  1. Love the colour scheme you’ve gone for, it suits skeletons nicely. I did wonder how Jenn and yourself would be dividing the set, I’m guessing models will be popping up on both blogs? I’ve got Captain Halgrim on the desk right now, should get him finished shortly.

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    1. Glad you like the colour scheme, and yep I reckon they will go on both a bit depending on who finishes what. Jenn but the green on all the other skeleton yesterday as well, so we are making progress!
      I look forward to seeing him, I’ll be very interested to see what you done with the hair, not figured that out yet.

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