So with the end of the year fast approaching I started to seriously think what I wanted to get done and what I could get done! And that led me to a rather large Cow Beast with a hammer (or a Alarith Spirt of the Mountain) for my Elf army ( or Lumineth realm-lords) warhammer force. I had started this model earlier in the year and put it on pause due to all my GodTear stuff I wanted to get done for my tournament, and seeing on my painting desk I felt it would be a real shame to finish the year with it not done!

So I’ve had a good crack at it a couple of nights and it’s really starting to get there, got a little gem to do, some back flags that I have not stuck on yet and the bases. I’m sure there will be bits of touching up to do but it’s certainly getting there, and my end of year deadline self imposed deadline feels OK (I think!)

14 thoughts on “It’s almost Hammer Time

  1. Its great to see progress on this big model! I remember this summer when you started him up and it has certainly come a long way since then. The tabard/loin cloth looks really nice. Its a strange thing to say but its true! ๐Ÿ™‚

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