So finally finished painting this beast of a model, it taken some time but I must say that I have really enjoyed working on it. I still have the base to do and when that is done I probably take some more photos with and I’ll try outside next time as although it fit in my light box it’s to big really, hence the over exposure.

The last things I’ve done since last time where the guns, these where great fun to do, I simply coated them silver first, washed and dry brushed and then played with extra colours on wires extra metals on pins and the like and used brown contrast paint for ghe copper and bronze sections. I just found this a fun way to paint!

The shoulder pads are the same as the knee pads using the same template for some continuity in the model.

Last thing I’d like to say is thanks to everyone that has commented during this project for helping me keep going, it’s the biggest model I’ve ever done so was a challenge, but I’ve enjoyed it and happy with what I got out of it.

16 thoughts on “The big one

  1. I’ve been impressed with this project right from the start so it’s great to see the final result! Brilliant! πŸ™‚ That colour scheme works really well for me. What’s maybe more surprising is how good it looks from the back, with all that metalwork on display! Some photos taken outside sounds like a good idea!

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  2. She’s a beauty! Great painting, and I really like the red and green wing motifs you’ve used. I think my favourite bit is the blue/white coils on the plasma gun. Now you just need to get on and apply paint πŸ˜‰

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