I’ve been working on a few more None Combat Characters for my Night’s Watch force for A Song of Ice and Fire tonight. In the form of Craster and Gilly holding little Sam.

For people who have not read the books or seen Game of Thrones these characters come from the wrong side of the wall that my Night’s Watch force defends. But they help the Night’s Watch in various ways. They also have a less than traditional relationship, Little Sam is Gilly’s child but Gilly is Crasters “Wife/Daughter” which is just as messed up as it sounds. This meant that I felt they would have similar coloured equipment and clothes, as such I used the same colours for the shoes, leather, and some clothes. The one noticeable exception is the blue cloak Craster wears I felt that this would be something he wore to make him feel grand.

They where fun models to do, first baby I’ve ever painted and nice to do something other than black in this army! I have to more Night’s Watch heroes on the table part done to finish off and the bases of these two to do but perhaps I should sort the desk out first!


23 thoughts on “Those North of the Wall

  1. Top work on both of them (or rather, all three of them). Craster is such a bloody unlikeable bastard isn’t he? Probably the single most unpleasant human being in the setting (against some very stiff competition I should add!). Love the painting mug by the way, and let me assure you that desk is positively spotless compared to mine!


  2. Kudos to you for explaining who Craster is! His character is not the easiest or most pleasant thing to describe at all. I’m impressed CMON made minis of these non-combat characters as well. Do they have any use in-game or are they just collector’s pieces? Either way, seeing Craster and remembering that character brought a smile to my face. What that says about me, I can’t really say haha! 🙂


    1. Craster certainly is s unique character (thankfully).
      On the none Combat character they actually play a critical part in the game. At the side of the battle field this is a little board with 5 spaces for models (the non Combat board) and it represents all the political/tactical/supply things associated with a battle. Each space on the board represents different things and has a different game affect, so there is the crown space that makes an enemy take a moral check, the money bags that heals (resupplies) a unit, the letters that give you tactics cards, the swords that let a unit attack and the horses that let a unit move. The game is an alternative activation game and when it’s your go you can activate a Combat or non Combat unit. If you do a non Combat unit you claim that slot on the board and have the effect (e.g. claim bags get some men back in a unit) but your model stays there for the rest of that round so no-one else can claim it. This gives all sort of interesting choices of what to do in what order!
      On top of that each Non Combat unit has extra abilities so Craster let’s you heal lots of units a little rather than 1 unit a lot. So taking the correct non Combat unit for your army is just as important as taking the correct Combat unit.

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      1. That seems like a really cool system. I really like that idea and I can’t say I’ve seen another game do something like that. Thanks for explaining how it works!

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      2. Can any piece go on a non-combat unit spot? I’m gathering it’s only non-combat units, but are they limited? For instance, can Craster only use the money bags spot but not the crown?

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      3. It’s non-combats as you say and your force normally only has 2 or 3 of these. Any one can claim any one, so Craster could take the crown, unless you opponent claimed it first that round! Also some non-combat units get more advantage from some than others, e.g. Craster gives a different heal of the bags, but if he claimed the crown its just the standard rule.

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  3. Nice job on these and it’s cool to see some that aren’t all dark colors. I imagine they will have a nice contrast to your other minis as well. How long does a game tend to last?

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    1. They where a very refreshing colour scheme to paint. Game seems to be about 2 hours. You normally have about 4 decent big units on the table, 2 non-combat units and a little “solo” unit, like a single mounted hero or a Wolf or the like.
      The base game mechanisms are very simple but flow really nice. The rules are all free as well if you are interested, there is a free app called War Council made by the company that sells it, has the rule book and the unit cards (profiles) for all units. Worth a look!

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      1. I think you might have told me the rules were free before. That’s really nice. I don’t mind paying for rules, especially when they are miniatures agnostic like Frostgrave. But paying for rules that make existing rules and minis obsolete is a major pain. Thanks again for the info, I’m more into rpg games right now, but I could see myself checking out this skirmish game down the line too!

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      2. Haha, actually my memory sucks from being older. So I couldn’t completely recall if you had told me that before or not. More than likely you did, so the refresher is awesome! 😃

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