I recently tried to make some scenery for the Game of Thrones game I have been playing a lot called A Song of Ice and Fire. The army starter boxes are really nice as they come with some cardboard 2D terrain so you can play straight out of the box, but I never really feel that that looks ideal. The first item I chose to try and do was a palisade as I had a idea for this one straight away.

One of the pictures of it is next to its 2D variant, I kept the foot print the exact same size and shape, I had some plastic from an old moving tray and just clipped/cut/filed until is was the same size. The posts are some old pencils cut to size, all stuck into some filler. Then painted and base bits added to fit in with my Night Watch force and there snowy bases.

I think the size and general shape works, the game system uses keywords for the terrain and this is, “impassible” “blocks line of sight” and “destructible” and I think this bit fills out all of them. I did try to get some “rope” on the wooden pillars but I really struggled to get it to work, the string I was using was too thick and left really big gaps between pillars, it also did not help that it all kept moving as I was only using the filler to hold it all in place which of course takes some time to dry. Christmas however has seen me become the lucky owner of a glue gun so expect to see some more scenery bits in the near future!

Also I apologies for not keeping up with everyone else’s blogs, a combination of Christmas business and a bit of a minor hobby slump have reduced my WordPress activities, but the holidays are getting less busy now for me and my hobby mojo is returning, so I will try to catch up as best I can!


10 thoughts on “Putting up my fence

  1. Now that looks really good! 🙂 Clever idea using pencils! I think in many cases the wooden “posts” (for want of a better word) would be placed in sunken pits which were then filled and embankments added behind, so not adding ropes around them seems more correct to me (but I am not an expert on fortifications mind you)! I can see that there’ll be no stopping you now you’ve got a glue gun! 🙂

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    1. My heavy amount of historic research (2 mins on google images!) implied that there was rope on them. But I would assume the way you have said is the way its done, that’s how you’d do a fence post, and thats all they are really.

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  2. The palisades look great and are a big upgrade on the flat 2D terrain. You could probably try sculpting a rope out of green stuff if you feel like giving that a go. I don’t think it would be too hard to pull off though I haven’t ever attempted something like that myself to be fair.

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