I’ve been working on the 2nd wedding anniversary present the other half got me, which is rope themed, as apparently thats the name for 2nd wedding anniversary.

Its been a nice model to do, after getting the initial base coats on its felt like it painted itself.

So it can now sit next to paper from year 1! Still not sure what to do base wise hence why I’ve not touched them. Think I might have to look at some basing ideas. Perhaps a simple marble effect.

As a side note, I dont understand why the lighting / back paper looks yellow on 3 photos and white on 1. I did the photo 1 after another in the same place with the same light using my phone camera for all. So if anyone gets that please let me know!

4 thoughts on “2 years done

  1. What a fun idea for wedding anniversary gifts, and as I’ve understood, there is some named anniversary for basically every year!
    As for the photograps coming out yellow or white (gray), it’s got to do with automatic white balance. See if you have a manual mode in your camera app (and check some quick tutorial on the subject), and you might be able to get some more consistent results.

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