So today I finished off my Nemesis (otherwise know as big scorpion), and even get some pics in daylight so you can actually see the colours correctly 🙂 I decided to keep one leg up, even that the better half thought it made it look like it was having a wee! I had hope it would look more like it was slowly advancing.

This model touch me a long time to finish, as there is just so much detail on it, especially the underside which really does look like it could be the underside of a machine of this scale. Note that 5 of the feet I left unpainted as they are always on the floor (except for this picture of course).

I think it looks like a very intimating model and I hope will work as the forces centrepiece model, as currently I believe that it is the biggest model for the PHR force. I do like it that the 2 “little” underslung weapons at the front are actually the biggest guns that the standard battel line walks are equipped with.

I really like that the main weapon is so streamline, it almost looks like it could be a aircraft, I think this really helps it fit in with the rest of the model. I used contrast paints to try and shade in the little holes and the lines after I had finished everything else, I thought this went well, so I think I’ll do that with the next models for this force as well.

So this force is starting to look like it might be a bit of a threat in my eyes, still some way to go, but its starting to look like I envisaged it when I first got the models.

Only got 5 more unpainted models for this force then I will “have to” get some more 🙂

19 thoughts on “My Biggest Little model so far!

    1. Thanks John. I’m not really sure about the opposition yet. Originally I was just going to get a couple of models from the start kit to help me through the first lock down, guess the force got a bit bigger!
      I was looking the other night between the armies they could fight and there are 2 alien forces, both are very different and I’m just not sure which to go with.
      There are space Elves type with a Asian influence to them:
      And horrible infestation bug things with a strange organic feel to all the models, a bit like some of the structure of Alines:
      Any thoughts are welcome!

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      1. The Scourge army! Here’s why:
        1) they look like they’d take washes, contrast paints or drybrushing quite well (not that I’m any good with washes and am not going to try contrast paint) so could be quick to paint.
        2) their vehicles, unlike those of the Shaltari, don’t look like giant hair clips/accessories!
        Prices aren’t bad mind you! The only thing counting against the Scourge for me would be storage, since some of those vehicles/aircraft are very tall. Would be nice to know how the races differ in their combat abilities.

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      2. I take it you don’t like the Shaltari then!
        I like some Shaltari of there models that are not in the start sets, but I am slowly turning more to the Scourge as a second force.
        The prices of the starter sets are very good, annoyingly I got old style (half as many for close to the same price) for my PHR which then got updated a couple of weeks later, but that is the issue when getting into a new system I suppose.

        I’ve yet to play the game but been reading up on it and my PHR seem like the big powerful slow boys. The Shaltari all have force fields and can teleport about somehow. While the Scourge are more of a close range swap force I believe. There are 2 other forces but both are human like the PHR so don’t want to get one of them.

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    1. Thanks, glad you like the dynamic pose.
      And yep I know its a lot of work for nothing, but some things I just can not help.
      I’ve painted the inside of all of my vehicles for 40K, in-fact I think I converted them all first, then painted them, and I know they will never get seen!

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    1. Thankyou!
      The first army I ever painted where Highelves for Warhammer so I learn the clean look, I actually find that I often struggle the other way to get things that look dirty right.
      I think its just what you start with its always hard to change!

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