So, dinosaurs are rather cool, but when I got one for Christmas with a Lazer Gun from a “mystery box” from I was rather chuffed!

I was not sure what colours it “should be” but decided I wanted to try a Tau brown on the gun and armour. The blue/ green sort of fell into place.

Overall really enjoyed painting it, its 3D printed by the company I believe and hence no mould line which is nice! The only bit I was not keen on was how I painted the eye lenses, they somehow felt and odd shape and I could never get them to work.

I did however try a bit of simple free hand, the colour strips down the back and tail, along with some “alien” style writing on the helmet. I had thought of adding more of this but I think that would distract from the clean lines of the model too much.

Also decided to have a go at a laver base, which looks a lot better in the photos than it does in real life. Which is the first time camera has ever helped me out!

So a nice fun little model witch I rather enjoyed! And if you look at that grin it must be enjoying himself too!

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