So tonight post is about the new model based game I’ve got into and how models are going for this. So this is a new game, only just hit the shelves in December and after a few games I recon is great fun.

Model wise its split into groups comprising 1 “demi-god” a group on minions (1 to 5) and a banner /totem. You play with 3 groups but their does not need to be a link between the groups.

So I’ve finished the minions and totem for a group led by Nia, here minions are called Quartzlings and are sort of rock elements.

I’m happy with these, looked a bit like the rock in the back of the photo that I was going for. Nia her self however I’m a bit stuck on, not sure how to link her to her little rock guys

And here is a pic for scale

The next lot I’ve been working on are very different (but can work together in the game so lots of vaired painting) are skeletons types.

Skin and armour is done on all really tried to age both, lots of weathering on the armour.

The cloth I’m still trying to age, tested out on this one and happy so far.

The colours behind are what Ive used to highlight (so I don’t forget). Also done the totem for these but not as happy with it, its ok but not really the magic Ice and smoke I was aiming for.

So these are called Cold Bones and work for a Morrigan who I’ve started putting some base colours and washes on.

And she is massive!

Anyway, I’ll try to keep going with these, any suggestions for the Dwarf that is the boss of the rocks please let me know!

8 thoughts on “Tearing up some GodTear

  1. The skeletons look really creepy in the group picture!
    I’m looking forward to seeing how Morrigan turns out, she is a nice big model with a lot more detail than first meets the eye.

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